Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Management of relationships with customers is vital, as it allows your company to integrate all of the functions and processes that comprise its interactions with customers. Likewise, with the support of a technology-based CRM solution, it is possible to attract, develop, and retain the most profitable clients, and maximize their loyalty in an organized and controlled fashion.

Why is a CRM important? What challenges do organizations face?

In order to increase sales, many organizations pursue mass marketing strategies. Nevertheless, if a given strategy fails to consider the current market conditions and is not properly deployed, it will gradually become less effective in competitive markets. In such markets, product differentiation isn’t very clear to consumers and loyalties tend to be temporary, as the competition normally reacts with its own strategies. This in turn can cause products or services to lose value, creating growing pressure on organizations’ margins and revenue.

Mazars offers Customer Relations Management solutions

Mazars offers the following services to assist you in creating and maintaining the proper strategies and processes for managing customer relations that your organization requires: 

  • Evaluation of the CRM business process
  • Design and implementation of the CRM business process model
  • Evaluation and selection of a technology-based CRM solution
  • Design and implementation of CRM process indicators

Mazars has the experience and knowledge to help you define the strategy your organization requires through the implementation of a process based on best practices. We can help you select the technology-based solution that will facilitate customer relations, able to rapidly design unique sales and value proposals. Through such a solution, Mazars can help your organization combine personalized contact and customized services with the efficiency of mass marketing to an enormous client base, all at a very low marginal cost. 

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